WIE: ROEST: Diggeth + Emperors

WANNEER: 30/01/2016

WEKKER?: 19:30 - 01:00


WAAR: zaal

WAT: metal, stoner, psychedelic, blues



  • Diggeth The three members of this band are all originally from a specific eastern part in the Netherlands, “as east as you can go” as some people refer to it. This part of the country called: “The corner” is known for its agriculture and simple way of living. It was in this setting that these musicians came to know rock-’n-roll, blues, hardrock and heavy metal and picked up there instruments at young age.

After playing in many bands and releasing albums they found each other and started to play an explosive mix of rock, metal and blues. To some people not the obvious combination but for DIGGETH a way of life: Influenced by Metallica, AC/DC, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skyryrd and Down they started to conquer The Low Countries, they shared the stage with the likes of Michael Schenker, Exodus, Sacred Reich, Slayer, Megadeth, The Texas Hippie Coalition and Peter Pan Speedrock.

  • Emperors If you’re looking for drive, groove and great riffs from Nijmegen Rockcity you should definitely check out Emperors. Emperors are a stonerrock group who have been playing music on those terms since 2005.

These guys , made of stone, marble and granite, started off in 2005 playing covers of bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Blind Dog as “Emperors of the Black”. In the year 2010 the creativity itch could no longer be ignored and Emperors started to write and play their own songs.

Now they play their very own kind of Stonerrock; Hard as stone, subtle where possible yet aggressive where it should be. Heavy groovy music with a sharp edge which still reveals influences from Emperors’ musical heroes .