WIE: Indie Schmindie Party hosted by: AbART | W/ AbART, Aurifex, Chefs de Partie, Kizler & Nouvel

WANNEER: 15/10/2015

WEKKER?: 22:30

WIEVIEL: €4 / VVK: €

WAAR: zaal

WAT: psychedelic art-pop, live electronica

∑ AbART: is psychedelic Art-Pop. But "in your face" with their german lyrics, melodies and beats. Sometimes melancholy. Sometimes aggressive. If you don´t feel it now - you will feel it afterwards.

∑ Aurifex: is a unique live electronica trio. Think of house, techno and dreamy electronica, inspired by bands such as Caribou and Elektro Guzzi. All will be cooked live right in front of you."