WIE: Dub Nation #14: Dub A Ware + Asiatic Roots ft Ronny Schenk

WANNEER: 21/11/2015

WEKKER?: 22:00

WIEVIEL: € 5,-

WAAR: zaal

WAT: roots, reggae, dub

Our november edtion will be one where we team up with our good friends outa Utreg ! Dub A Ware was founded by a group of dub fanatics from Utrecht, Holland. They bring a new sound in town: Dub-A-Ware. There focus are mainly on Dub, Steppers and Roots music inna Soundsystem style ! Dub A Ware host their own event in Utrecht. Contributing members of the crew are pure dedicated dub lovers, technicians, dj's, hosts/mc's and event organisers.

Line up :

  • Dub A Ware
  • Asiatic Roots ft Ronny Schenk (Trumpet)
  • TBA (special guest)

Damage 5 euro (only door tickets) Time 22:00 - 03:00

Ital Food Corner at the spot