WIE: ArtEZ Graduation Party

WANNEER: 07/07/2016

WEKKER?: 23:00 - 03:00

WIEVIEL: Gratis.

WAAR: zaal

WAT: crazy monkeys

Dancers and dance lovers, It's that time of the year again... Being locked away for 3 years inside the walls of ArtEZ, our 4th years spread their wings and were amazing during there internships. Now the time has come for the workfield to embrace this army of crazy talented dancers to exept them as true professionals. Ofcourse we couldn't let them just leave without throwing an epic party. We invite you to the Brigant on the 7th of july to dance the night away and forget about our sins. Anything is possible as long as you dream big! We might close at 3am but maybe we get an extra hour as present, cheers to that. Bring whoever you want to bring. The theme of the party is "Crazy Monkeys". And our friends over at 'Dagschotel' will take place behind the DJ Tables! XOXO you know who wink-emoticon